What is this? What even is a scratch?

11th August 2021

I'll come clean immediately. If you look at this tool in it's current form, it's basically a customized rip-off version of world.hey.com, but running via Telegram and only on my site for now. But I really like this idea! For me, blogging is something where I really make sure to put out content that is polished and reasonably entertaining. Twitter threads I like to use for things that are visual to explain in a light tone, as the ability to add images to each tweet lends itself to a very visual approach with emojis and such. But I'm missing something inbetween. This app is supposed to bridge the gap. Right now it's as easy as typing my thoughts to a chat partner, except when I'm done I have a shareable link for every one to see. The content here might be a bit rough, it might go into topics I wouldn't consider posting on my blog and it might occasionally have coarse language. I see this as a sort of public notepad that I can refer back to when people ask me questions about things. If you're interested in this kind of app and would love to have your own scratchpad, please do let me know via Twitter, DMs, or on Telegram! I'd love to gather some feedback and see if this has mass appeal. I'm thinking a hosted version with optional CNAME capabilities here. And to understand why I call this a "scratch": 👉 scratch (adj.) 👀 assembled or made from whatever is available, and so unlikely to be of the highest quality